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Patent No. US 7,651,390 B1

Air Diverters

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For a More Comfortable,
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"The complaints stopped when we installed Air Diverters™ in our office."
G. Lusk, CEO of a Southern
California Credit Union
Good news for employees
and managers everywhere!
Eliminate annoying downdrafts - The Air Diverter directs the air flow across the ceiling in four directions, circulating air throughtout the entire room; keeping cold or hot air from blowing down directly on individuals.
More consistent room temperature - Circulating air throught out the room creates a more comfortable ambient temperature. No more cold or hot spots.
A more peaceful office - Ending downdrafts and cold spots means everyone is more comfortable. No more arguments about changing the thermostat or someone setting it too high or too low.
Saves energy and money - A consistent room temperature keeps your thermostat from constantly cycling on and off.
Fits any decor - The low-profile design blends in with most all standard ceiling panels and fixtures.
Creates a quieter environment - Muffles distracting vent noise.
Easy installation - Quickly installs over existing commercial or residential vents.
Meets safety specs - Made of durable, lightweight ABS plastic. Meets UL94JB flammability rating.
Perfect addition for all
• Hospitals

School Districts
Office Buildings


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